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Can You Rent a Car in Cuba?

Yes, tourists can drive rental cars in Cuba. Don't wait until you arrive in Cuba to book a rental car! With Easy Kuba Car, you can get your rental car online in minutes. Check out some car rental Cuba advice for your upcoming trip. We offer:

  • No hassles
  • Easy prices
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There's no better way to travel between Cuban cities and beaches than in your very own car. Your holiday will feel "postcard-perfect" as you watch palm-lined boulevards, golden beaches and rows of colorful homes pass over your windshield while you explore Cuba. However, it is essential to know that renting a car doesn't exactly work the same in Cuba as it does in places like the United States, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean and most other spots around the globe. You won't see the mainstream rental agencies widely available in many other destinations when you browse rental options in Cuba. At Easy Kuba Car, we want to make sure you have all the advice you need to prepare to rent a car in Cuba without any surprises. Take a look at the essential things to know about finding a rental car Cuba tourists can use.

Car Rental Cuba Advice

  1. Book Your Online Reservation for a Cuba Rental Car as Early as Possible: Typically, rental cars aren't as abundantly available in Cuba as in many other parts of the world. That means that booking as far out as possible ahead of your trip will give you an advantage over last-minute customers. It is typically recommended that you book your car rental for Cuba two to three months before your trip, if possible. Merely showing up at the airport in Cuba expecting to be able to scoop up a rental will likely leave you with no other option than to pay for a taxi or find accommodations for public transportation.
  2. Be Flexible About Car Types: Generally, it can be challenging to get your first choice of rental make or model when renting a car in Cuba. You may have to settle for whatever car is available if you can book a rental upon arriving. Booking your Cuba car rental in advance online allows you to have more control over the type of vehicle that you are able to rent because you are not desperately accepting whatever is offered to you in person.

    Some of the standard rental car brands that you will find available from rental agencies in Cuba include Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel, KIA, Hyundai, Renault and Geely. Four-door sedans are much more common than specialty options like convertibles or SUVs. However, you will typically have some choice when it comes to opting for a slightly larger model if that' s your preference.
  3. A Note on Transmission: Most drivers in Cuba use cars with manual transmissions. This is why you' ll find that nearly all rental options are vehicles with manual transmissions. If you've traveled internationally, you know that manual transmission is the norm outside of the United States. While it can be challenging to find a rental car in Cuba with automatic transmission, it's not necessarily an impossible task. This is where booking your car as far in advance as possible becomes vital if you are determined to get a car with an automatic transmission. Of course, one thing that should be said is that Cuba's wide, open roads are quite ideal for experimenting with a manual transmission if you're up for the challenge! It can be useful to keep an open mind about the type of car you want to rent in Cuba if you're mostly focused on getting a reservation for the dates you'll be visiting the country.

Some Practical Tips for Renting a Car in Cuba

Driving in a new country is always an exciting experience! When visiting Cuba, you'll need to adjust some of your road habits to ensure that you can get where you're going safely. Here's a quick checklist for the best practices when driving a rental car in Cuba:

  • Bring along some paper maps in case you can't get data or a Wi-Fi connection when enjoying country roads. Rental cars in Cuba typically do not have GPS.
  • Fill up your tank all the way when you find a gas station in a populated area because you may have a hard time finding a gas station once you get into the country.
  • Make sure you're using a gas station that offers the gas type required for the type of rental car you're using.
  • Always bring your passport and some cash when traveling around Cuba in a rental car. You may be asked to pay tolls and show your passport when getting to beaches that require journeys over over-sea highway bridges.
  • Be prepared to pay for parking when visiting spots throughout Havana.
  • Try the ice cream that is available at most gas stations in Cuba. It's delicious!

You'll also want to carefully follow any requirements described in your rental agreement, such as ensuring that you get your rental back by the specific time noted on your contract or returning your car with a full tank of gas if specified in your agreement. It's also important to note that you cannot go "outside" of an official Cuban rental agency when trying to find a car rental for your trip to Cuba. Cuban residents are not permitted to rent their vehicles out to visitors. That means that you must follow the proper channels for renting a car when visiting Cuba. We can help you do that when you book through Easy Kuba Cars!

Some Practical Tips for Renting a Car in Cuba

It might be wise to explore rental car Cuba airport options if you'll be flying right into Havana. Most people who fly into Cuba land at Jose Marti International (HAV). Another option for flying into Havana is a smaller airport near Baracoa Beach called Playa Baracoa Airport (UPB). Generally, you'll arrange to pick up your car in or near the specific terminal you land in upon arrival in Cuba. The advantage of going with an airport car rental is that you'll often have more availability and a better selection. Also, you won't have to worry about making arrangements for a taxi or public transportation to get to your hotel or first attraction. Your Cuba holiday officially kicks off the second you land if you're able to pick up your car right at the airport. Many rental offices are open around the clock. However, it's essential to confirm that the hours of operation line up with your arrival time before your trip!

Rental Car Cuba Havana

Book now to pick up your rental car upon arrival in Havana! The high demand for car rentals in Havana means that the chances of being able to book a vehicle after you arrive are slim. At Easy Kuba Car, we help you avoid getting stuck without a car in Havana by giving you the option to book online today! The perfect car for zipping through this vibrant, colorful city is waiting!

Renting a Car in Cuba

If you're heading to Cuba, make sure you're booking your rental car reservation online with a trusted source for all things Cuba! Easy Kuba Car has helped countless visitors to this island country get perfect car reservations quickly. Begin browsing available cars based on your preferences and travel dates today!

F.A.Q. - Car Rental in Cuba

All you need to know on booking a car in Cuba

  • Is It Expensive to Rent a Car in Cuba?

    Renting a car in Cuba can be affordable. If you'd like to cut costs, focus on a widely available model with manual transmission. You may have to pay a premium if you insist on a vehicle with automatic transmission.

  • Is It Safe to Rent a Car in Cuba?

    Yes, both renting and driving a car in Cuba are considered relatively safe. Of course, you should use the same precautions as you would any time driving in a foreign country with unfamiliar roads and traffic laws.

  • What Do You Need to Book a Car in Cuba?

    You don't need a special license to be able to drive in Cuba. However, you must be an individual with a valid license from your home country. Cuba will recognize your driver's license from your home country. Some visitors prefer to obtain the International Driving Permit for extra peace of mind.

  • How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent a Car in Cuba?

    A Cuban person must be 21 years old to get a rental car in Cuba (must have been in possession of a valid driving licence for at least 2 years). For tourists requirements are a more leanen: 18 years old and driving licence for 1 year at least.

  • Do Rental Cars in Cuba Have GPS?

    No, that's not common

Car Rental in Cuba

If you are looking for the best option to rent cars in Cuba, there is nothing better than opting for car rental in Cuba. In Cuba, car rental is an excellent alternative for those who want to explore the beautiful landscapes of Cuba. Car rental in Cuba is the easiest way to travel around the island, since it allows you to move quickly and easily. If you need to rent a car in Cuba, do not hesitate to look for car rental in Cuba. In the car rental in Cuba, you will find a wide variety of models and brands of cars to rent in Cuba. So don't think twice, car rental in Cuba is the best option for your next vacation in Cuba.

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