About Us

EASYKUBA is a travel agency that focuses on the booking of cars for rent in Cuba, which belongs to EASY CARIBE SAS.

We have been in this business since 2008 and every year we book over 3000 cars for rent in Cuba.

We are incorporated in Santa Marta, Colombia (Licenza Turismo nr. 98633 ) but we also have an executive branch in Havana (CUBA).

We provide car rental booking services for Cuba in a fast and timely fashion thanks to our booking system, which has been entirely developed in-house, at the best prices in the market.

Cuba Office

CALLE 3A entre 96A y 98

Cecilia Residence – Office 31G

Miramar, Playa

Ciudad de La Habana (CUBA)

Mobile: +53 51593892

Colombia Office

CALLE 7AA #30-244

Torre Vergel – Office 1503

Poblado, Medellin (COLOMBIA)

Phone: +57 6045072508