How to rent a car in Cuba?

Allowing you to rent a car online in Cuba

To truly enjoy a trip there is a secret ingredient: freedom. Particularly on a Caribbean island like Cuba, which offers its best when it can be explored in complete freedom on an on-the-road vacation. Renting a car in Cuba and living the island in complete freedom is an unforgettable experience. With a private means of transport, you can travel at your own pace - without having to worry about public transport services - and break away from the tourist roads to discover the most authentic and fascinating Cuba. Cuba rent car offers you independence and flexibility in your travels: you can easily change your plans at the last minute if you want to stop at a newly discovered beach or spend the evening in a place along the way and then leave the following day. If you're a free spirit and would like to explore the island far and wide, renting a car in Cuba is for the best option. Furthermore, Cuba rent car is cheap compared to traveling by cab - an option that is advisable for moving within the hustle and bustle of a city like Havana.

Ready to begin your made-in-Cuba adventure?

Alright, you've decided that you want to enjoy this experience. Now, one question remains: how to rent a car in Cuba? To easily solve the issue, we at EASY KUBA have created the perfect solution for you, allowing you to rent a car online in just a few clicks for visiting the beautiful island of Cuba. You can rent a car in Cuba from Italy or from anywhere in the world: all you need is a wi-fi connection! Since in Cuba there are no international car rental companies, EASY KUBA allows you to compare in a couple of seconds the rates and offers of car rental in Cuba of the companies operating in the area - namely Rex, Cuba Car and Havanautos - and offers you the best solution. Besides the prices for car rental in Cuba, you will have to consider other parameters such as the number of seats or the space in the trunk, which you can include in the search engine of the website and then filter the results in order to choose between the available cars and agencies. You will be able to book your car online in an easy and safe way by credit card, thus receiving the voucher with your guaranteed EASY KUBA reservation within 48 hours. Also, EASY KUBA offers you the option to rent a car in Cuba not only in Havana, but anywhere on the island. Cuba rent car prices typically range from 70 to 100 USD per day, plus insurance, fuel and extras. Car rentals can be arranged by drivers who are over 21 years old and have a valid driver's license of their country.

Our tips!

  • 1) Forget about the rush: take all the necessary time (and even more!) for your trip and for the pick-up and drop-off of your car. In Cuba, taking it slow is the rule, unforeseen events on the road are just around the corner, and to fully enjoy your trip you won't need to get anxious about time.
  • 2) Check your contract and keep a copy of it from the moment you rent a car in Cuba until you return the vehicle. On the contract you will also find the emergency number that you can contact 24 hours a day in case of problems: if it is not included, remember to ask for it.
  • 3) Check your car at pickup and take pictures if you see any previous damage. Check the mileage policy and ask if the car should be returned with a full tank of gas.
  • 4) Full coverage car rental insurance in Cuba is mandatory and costs approximately between 10 and 20 USD per day. It cannot be arranged from Italy, but only on the spot when you pick up the car. A security deposit of about 200 USD will also be required.
  • 5) Bring some cash with you: in Cuba you won't be able to easily withdraw from ATMs, and you'll need cash for insurance, security deposit, gasoline - which must be paid in USD - and for tipping valets.
  • 6) Cuba's roads are not what we are used to. You may find bumpy sections, potholes, approximate signage and poor lighting. This is also part of the adventure, but when you choose to rent a car in Cuba you should always be vigilant and alert, and it is highly discouraged to drive after dusk.
  • 7) Drive around speed limits, which are generally 90 km/h on main highways, 100 km/h on freeways and 50 km/h in residential areas. Any fines will be charged directly to your account by the car rental company: you should never, under any circumstances, pay a police officer in cash.
  • 8) In Cuba, standard sat navs don't work - it is vital to have a map downloaded to your phone so you can check it offline. Also, since the locals almost never speak English, make sure you learn how to ask for directions in Spanish before you start driving.
  • 9) Gas stations are rare outside major cities, so it's best to fill up when you find one, keeping in mind that you'll have to fill up with gasolina especial, the one provided for rental cars in Cuba, and not the regular one, which can only be used by Cubans and costs slightly less.
  • 10) Along the way you will often find people who will ask you for a ride, but as in any other place in the world, common sense also apply in Cuba: it is always wise to not pick up strangers!