Safe driving in Cuba

After renting a car, do you want to know if it's safe to drive in Cuba?

On our website we explain that driving in Cuba is an emotional experience, you will feel delighted to see that there is very little traffic, and above all, you will be very far from the big traffic jams of cosmopolitan cities. Though there are other risks that you should take into consideration: Highways and city streets in Cuba may not be properly paved and eventually there are people walking on the street instead of walking on the sidewalks, we recommend you drive with caution. The trend in recent years is the increase in motorbikes or electric motorbikes, so if you have one close to you, watch it! In rural areas there may be animals loose and there are areas with little signage, so we recommend you drive during the day and comply with traffic regulations, it is very important to comply with the speed established for each area.

Is it safe to park on the street?

In cities there are people who can take care of and watch over your car rental in Cuba while it is parked on the street. They are called “parqueador”. If you stay in a hotel, they almost always have supervised parking, and if you stay in a private house, they can usually recommend a safe place where you can safely leave your rental car in Cuba. Now, you must be careful to leave your car tightly closed and not obstruct public roads with your badly parked car.

Warranty and Assistance:

Surely you have heard many stories about renting cars in Cuba.

How can you be sure that there will be a car waiting for you?

EasyKubacar does not confirm any reservation without being sure that the car is available. Which means that the client must feel calm and protected during the car rental process in Cuba. In the case of not being able to offer the selected category, we always try to find a similar alternative.

What to do if something goes wrong and there is a problem?

First of all, you should contact our customer support phones and they will help you solve any problem that may arise. Please keep in mind that last minute office and/or category changes by car rental companies in Cuba are quite common. In these situations it is always recommended that you consult with our sales representatives.